Hoist Certified Compliance Inspection

SAFETY is of the utmost importance. You and your employee's lives are at stake each time you work underneath vehicles raised up on a lift...

You need to know that YOUR shop’s hoist is safe and meets all government regulations including WCB compliance standards when it comes time for your annual inspection!

We are different from our competitors in that we not only inspect the hoist but we also do the servicing as well when needed!

  • ▪ All lubrication
  • ▪ Cable tightening
  • ▪ All anchor bolt tightening
  • ▪ Adjustment of cable
  • ▪ Lubrication of pulleys
  • ▪ Minor repairs at no cost


Did you know that Hoists should have cables replaced every 7 years?

YOUR SAFETY is a top priority for us at Raz-ER-Hoist.


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