Hoist Service and Repairs

Raz-ER-Hoist believes in maximizing YOUR productivity and minimizing YOUR cost in equipment downtime.

We know when YOUR equipment goes down, you have a vehicle bay and technicians unable to work and unhappy customers.

We offer consultation, technical support, install, dismantling, life cycle repair, emergency repair services, warranty repair, upgrades, modification, parts and accessories.

We get YOUR hoist or lift back into operation as fast as possible!

We can order your parts and provide repairs for a variety of hoist manufacturers.

We service and repair hoists and lifts for many industries such as automotive repair shops, car dealerships, college automotive programs, home based businesses and from the petrochemical to manufacturing business.

We deal with all types of hoists such as 2-Post Lifts, 4-Post Lifts, Scissor Lifts and In-Ground Lifts.


Terms of Payment

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